Why Get a Psychology Degree Online?

Why Get a Psychology Degree Online?

admin Degree 2024-03-26

Psychology is found in every aspect of life. From advertisements and marketing to negotiating family gatherings, the ability to understand human nature is vital to the success of mankind as a species. It’s no wonder, then, that between 1.2 million and 1.6 million undergraduate students take introductory psychology classes every year. Taking psychology classes can help students make healthier decisions in their relationships and daily life. Beyond the personal benefits of taking an introductory course in psychology, many students go on to pursue a Psychology degree. Psychology degrees are popular due to their versatility, flexibility, as well as their regard among employers.

Due to the pandemic, a “traditional” college education has become a thing of the past. In a recent study of post-pandemic educational preferences, 73% of students reported that they’d like to take at least some fully online courses in the future. As more and more students become interested in pursuing their degrees online, or via a hybrid education model, schools have been forced to adapt. In many cases, this has proven to be advantageous to students in more than one way. Among the most popular online degree options is an online Psychology degree. Here are five reasons why you should consider pursuing your bachelor’s degree in Psychology online.

Numerous Career Opportunities
An online bachelor’s in Psychology provides students with a broad education that can prepare them for a number of career pathways. For example, graduates who’ve earned an online Psychology degree can work in the field of business as market research analysts, due to their understanding of statistics, research methods, and human behavior. With a BS in Psychology, graduates are also qualified to work as human resource specialists, helping to recruit, screen, and place workers in positions within a company. If a career working with clients is appealing, then social work is a field that graduates may wish to explore. A bachelor’s in Psychology provides students with such a variety of in-demand skills that graduates are qualified to apply for positions in any number of fields, making this degree highly versatile.

Develop In-Demand, Versatile Skills
A Psychology degree, whether online or otherwise, helps students develop highly in-demand skills. Some examples include soft skills, such as:

Collaboration: A Psychology degree encourages students to learn how to work effectively in a team.
Management: An online Psychology degree requires students to coordinate projects, prioritize individual and team tasks, and manage teams (in the context of group projects).
Empathy: By taking courses such as Abnormal Psychology and Social Psychology, students in an online Psychology degree program develop a sense of empathy for others–an invaluable skill, no matter what career they’re interested in pursuing.
In addition to useful soft skills, a degree in Psychology also provides students with many hard skills that are sought after by employers, including statistical analysis, research synthesis, and writing.

Prepare for Graduate School
Many advanced careers in the field of psychology require a master’s degree. Others may require a doctoral degree. Earning a bachelor’s degree in Psychology enables graduates to pursue advanced education when they are ready. Programs that graduates of online Psychology degree programs may consider can include a master’s degree in Counseling, Social Work, Education, or even law school. For those who wish to work as a therapist or counselor, a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology is a possible route.

Receive a Quality Education at a Flexible Pace
Online degrees are becoming more and more popular. The good news is, online programs offer students the same (and sometimes better) quality education that in-person, traditional programs do. When it comes to employability, 83% of executives find online degrees just as credible as traditional campus-based programs. An added benefit of online programs is that they offer students a high level of flexibility. While an online bachelor’s degree is frequently just as long as a traditional degree, online degrees offer students the ability to matriculate at multiple start terms per year. Online courses are also frequently offered in intensive, eight-week sessions, allowing students to take classes at their own pace, when and where they want.

An online degree is frequently a more affordable option than traditional, in-person college programs. Online courses allow students to access study materials and textbooks online, saving them money. Online degrees also negate the need for on-campus living or parking, both of which can be expensive. When studying online, you can earn your Psychology degree from almost anywhere in the world, meaning you can save on facility fees, laboratory costs, and of course, dorms.

Whether you’re interested in pursuing a career in counseling or you’ve considered working in human services or business, a bachelor’s degree in Psychology can set you up for success. Earning your Psychology degree online can provide flexibility and affordability, in addition to a well-rounded and versatile education that will prepare you for a variety of exciting careers.

The online Bachelor of Science in Psychology provides students with the groundwork they need to pursue graduate study or enter the job market with high in-demand skills. Learn more about University of Bridgeport’s online degree in Psychology!