What Makes the Best Motorcycle Accident Attorney?

The best motorcycle accident attorney for your needs may depend on your specific criteria as you navigate your motorcycle accident claim. The best attorney for you might work for a large law firm with a hard-hitting team of attorneys. All of them aim to help maximize the compensation their clients can recover by any means necessary.

Conversely, you might consider the best motorcycle accident attorney who will offer compassionate support as you navigate all the challenges that may accompany a motorcycle accident claim.

Several elements, however, may hold regardless of what you want in a motorcycle accident lawyer.


In any injury claim, results matter. You need a motorcycle accident lawyer to help you obtain maximum results for your motorcycle accident claim. As you look at motorcycle accident lawyers near you, browse through their past claim results and see what results they have successfully obtained for past motorcycle accident victims.

While those results cannot guarantee the results in your claim, even in cases where you might have similar injuries to another person, they can help give you a look at what the lawyer has achieved in the past.


As you consider which law firm offers the best motorcycle accident attorney for you, make sure you consider the law firm’s capacity. During your free consultation, talk to the lawyer about the firm’s ability to deal with cases.

What does its current caseload look like? How can you know you will receive the compassionate care and support you need? How will you know the lawyers at the firm will prioritize your claim and help you get the compensation you deserve? If the firm does not have adequate lawyers and legal support to handle your claim, you may want to seek legal services elsewhere.


When you connect with your motorcycle accident lawyer, you want to get answers promptly. You may have a lot of questions about your claim. You may have an insurance company pressuring you to accept a low settlement offer.

Whatever you need from your attorney, you need to feel confident that you will get a fast answer and continued support to address any problems or concerns. If the law firm does not respond to you promptly when you connect with it for a free consultation, you will likely have the same problem once you sign on as a client.


As you look for a lawyer to handle your motorcycle accident claim, consider whether the lawyer has the experience to handle your claim and the complications you may have to deal with along the way. You do not want to hire a divorce attorney or one specializing in corporate documentation to help with an injury claim.

Instead, make sure you find a lawyer who specializes in personal injury law and has the experience to help guide and support you through the claim process. Experience can also make a huge difference in determining whether a lawyer has the knowledge and skills needed to help you truly maximize the compensation you can recover as part of your claim.


Regarding an attorney’s location, you may need to focus on two key things. First, you need a motorcycle accident lawyer that practices in the state where you need to file the claim. Lawyers receive licenses from specific states to practice in those areas.

Not only that, each state often has laws governing injury cases. You want a motorcycle accident lawyer that knows local laws and ordinances: ideally, one that has practiced in that system before and knows local insurance companies, their attorneys, and the judges that most often handle those cases.

Next, ensure you can access your lawyer’s office when needed. You may need to drop off paperwork or evidence from your motorcycle accident. You do not want to be in the car for hours to take care of those visits, especially if you have severe injuries.

Make sure the lawyer has a conveniently-located office. You may also want to determine whether the lawyer has the ability to offer virtual consultations and meetings, which may help streamline the process and make it easier for you to get in touch with your attorney when needed.


When you choose an attorney to handle your motorcycle accident claim, you want one that has an extensive network of experts and connections that can help support your claim. An experienced, connected lawyer can help get you in touch with many of the people you need to aid in your injury claim as you recover from your motorcycle accident injuries and figure out what comes next.

Your lawyer can connect you with medical experts to evaluate the extent of your injuries; experts who can help recreate the accident scene; or mechanics who may help determine whether any mechanical feature or problem on your motorcycle contributed to the accident or the extent of your injuries. Evaluate your lawyer’s network carefully to ensure that your lawyer has the right tools to support you.

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