What is a mesothelioma lawsuit?

Mesothelioma lawsuit options include personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits. These allow mesothelioma patients or their loved ones to seek compensation from the parties liable for asbestos exposure. The average mesothelioma lawsuit verdict is $2.4 million. The average mesothelioma lawsuit settlement is $1 – $1.4 million.

As a victim of asbestos exposure, you have a right to file a mesothelioma lawsuit against the responsible parties. A personal injury lawsuit allows a victim to seek justice and damages from the companies that caused asbestos exposure. A wrongful death lawsuit is used to seek justice for the asbestos-related death of a loved one.

What Are Asbestos and Mesothelioma?

Asbestos is a natural set of minerals and a human carcinogen. It is made up of tiny, odorless fibers that, when disturbed, can easily be inhaled or ingested. Inhaling or ingesting the fibers can lead to internal damage and illnesses.

Mesothelioma, an aggressive and deadly cancer, is an asbestos-related cancer.[3] Asbestosis is a non-cancerous disease resulting in scarring of lung tissue caused by chronic inhalation of asbestos. These are preventable diseases, and it is important to hold accountable those companies that caused asbestos exposure.

Why File a Mesothelioma Lawsuit?

Mesothelioma is an expensive disease to treat. In addition to the costs of diagnostic tests, medication and surgical procedures, travel costs for visits to a cancer specialist can add up quickly.

Compensation from your mesothelioma lawsuit may allow you the flexibility to pay for any medical bills that your insurance company will not cover.

Lawsuits Provide Compensation
Not only does filing a lawsuit lead to justice for victims, but it also can give you financial security. If you have mesothelioma, you will likely face high medical bills and possibly income loss. The right mesothelioma lawyer can help you succeed in a lawsuit to recover damages from the responsible parties.

Asbestos Lawsuits Are Not Just for Mesothelioma
Mesothelioma is most strongly associated with asbestos exposure, but this is not the only disease it causes. You may also develop deadly lung cancer and non-malignant diseases like asbestosis. All are damaging, shorten your life, and cost you in expenses. You can sue manufacturers for any illness caused by asbestos

Types of Mesothelioma Lawsuits

Personal Injury Lawsuit
A person diagnosed with mesothelioma may file a personal injury lawsuit against the companies responsible for exposing them to asbestos.

Asbestos liability is usually based on companies’ failures to warn employees and consumers about the dangers linked to inhaling the toxic mineral. If the lawsuit is successful, the mesothelioma patient receives compensation for their injury.

Wrongful Death Lawsuit
The estate of a deceased mesothelioma patient may file a wrongful death claim seeking compensation to cover medical bills, funeral expenses and lost income.

Similarly, if a mesothelioma patient files a personal injury lawsuit but dies before it is resolved, the estate may continue the claim. When compensation is awarded in wrongful death lawsuits, the estate is the recipient.

Other Types of Asbestos Exposure Lawsuits
Your personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit may be handled individually. In some cases, lawsuits may be combined with other similar cases through a mesothelioma class action lawsuit or multidistrict litigation.

Class Action Lawsuits
One or more plaintiffs file a lawsuit on behalf of a group of people. The plaintiffs have similar injuries and asbestos-exposure histories. The lawsuit can represent anywhere from a small group to thousands of people.
Each individual can decide whether to remain part of the class action lawsuit or to opt out. Individuals who leave a class action lawsuit may pursue an individual lawsuit or claim.
Most asbestos lawsuits are handled as individual cases or as part of multidistrict litigation.
Multidistrict Litigation (MDL)
Multiple people file individual asbestos lawsuits using a process that standardizes similar complaints.
The standardized procedure allows the courts to handle a large number of cases quickly.
The primary MDL handling mesothelioma cases is MDL 875, In re: Asbestos Products Liability Litigation. The Eastern Pennsylvania District of the United States District Court manages the MDL. Since its formation in 2006, more than 186,000 cases have been transferred to MDL 875.
Ultimately, an experienced mesothelioma lawyer will be able to provide you with information regarding all filing options and advise what is best for you.

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